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YuliaAV is a Fibre Shop in the Foothills County Alberta Canada. We are supplying only high quality fibre, supported spindles and beautiful patterns.



Kromski Dealer

I am so happy and honoured to officially become a Kromski dealer in North America on April-12-2021.

Kromski is a world wide known brand providing spinners and weavers with high quality, well engineered spinning and weaving tools that not only operate at modern standards but also have a design and architecture that enhance the lives and surroundings of their customers. Form and function come together in the hands of a Kromski artisan and the results are a sight to behold, use and own.

I am in love with antique and vintage spinning wheels. Unfortunately they are relatively hard to come by and, more importantly, they lack the functionality of modern wheels and some parts are not easy or cheap to replace.

I have a couple of old wheels, I use and love them. But we all (or, many of us 😉) want more. That is where Kromski saves the day - beautiful modern spinning wheels, some easily confused with antique wheels, very functional with many options to add on, and reliable customer service! That is why I became a Kromski dealer.

I am happy to be your closest Kromski dealer and will do everything needed to make you happy if/when you decide to treat yourself to this beautiful spinning and weaving equipment and accessories.

Please visit my dealer page using the below link to see all items you would like to order.


Supported Spindles