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Fiber Supplies and Equipment


Make your life cozy and warm with natural fibre

YuliaAV is an Online Fibre Shop in the Foothills County Alberta Canada. We are supplying high quality fibre, supported spindles, beautiful patterns, and fibre equipment.



Temporarily Reduced Service

Our website service is temporarily reduced: the shopping section is disabled for time being. Apologies for inconvenience this may cause you. 

I keep personally staying connected to the fibre world and the fibre art, spinning and knitting for personal use and studying. 

Meanwhile I am happy to answer your questions regarding our products, if you have any, including Kromski spinning wheels and looms, Kollage needles, and our hand dyed fibre. 

I can be reached through the “contact us” link (also "Link to the Page" button below), and in my Instagram @yuliaAVfibreArt 

We will open the shopping section of the website as soon as our situation changes. An update will be posted in the news section accordingly. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and serving you in near future!

Sending fibery love and creative vibes,


Mriya Wheel.png

Mriya Dream Wheel

Please meet Mriya, my dream wheel, custom-finished Kromski Polonaise 💙
She joined my spinning wheel flock quite some time ago as an unfinished (bare wood) spinning wheel and I really took time to stain and varnish her, assemble, and, after some time, finally took this picture. 
She is an incredible spinner!! I’m absolutely IN LOVE! More pictures under the "Link to the Page" button below.
❗️She’s going to be my working spinning wheel as well as a demonstration model and she’d be happy to meet anyone in Calgary AB area who’s interested to try her spinning.


Our shop is now open!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our fibre shop! It is now possible to order hand-dyed tops and hand-carded batts through our site!

This is our most recent adventure. Yulia has been hand-dying fibre for a long time for personal use, and we have finally been able to make it available commercially as well!

Currently, only the Colour Lab is available, where fresh, new colourways will be introduced. Our plan is to eventually put together a permanent collection, which will consist of colourways that will be regularly restocked, based on the colourways Yulia (and all of you) love the most from the Colour Lab! We are excited and proud to be able to announce this expansion, and eager to continue growing the fibre shop!

Test Review.png

Customer Reviews

We are happy to let you know that we added a new function to our site. Reviews are available on our site now! The reviews are available to read at the bottom of this page.

The web service we use allows us up to 10 requested reviews per month. If you wish to submit a review please email us and we will manually send you a request link. Posting your review will involve an approval cycle to ensure spam protection but the review itself won't be changed.

Please contact us if you would like to leave your review or if you have any questions regarding your previous reviews.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will allow us to improve the website.

(for some reason we are not able to delete our test review from the website 😁😂)

Circular Needles Square Soft Cable.jpg

Kollage Square™ Dealer

I am so happy and honoured to officially become a Kollage Square™ dealer in Foothills County and Calgary (Canada) areas.

Kollage Square™ produces knitting needles and crochet hooks that provide maximum flexibility. Kollage needles and crochet hooks relieve stress and pain in hands and wrists and are perfect for those with Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis. Many knitters and crocheters have returned to pain-free knitting thanks to Kollage.

Kollage Square™ brings a high-quality, Canada-made product to the market that’s made with exquisite quality control and backed by a lifetime warranty.

For over 40 years, Career Services with Kollage has helped thousands of people with disabilities find employment. Every needle purchased enables to continue to provide inclusive training, real work experiences.

Please visit my dealer page using the below link to see all items you would like to order.


Kromski Dealer

I am so happy and honoured to have officially become a Kromski dealer in North America on April-12-2021.

Kromski is a world renowned brand providing spinners and weavers with high quality, well engineered spinning and weaving tools that not only operate at modern standards but also have a design and architecture that enhance the lives and surroundings of their customers. Form and function come together in the hands of a Kromski artisan and the results are a sight to behold, use, and own.

I am in love with antique and vintage spinning wheels. Unfortunately they are relatively hard to come by and, more importantly, they lack the functionality of modern wheels and some parts are not easy or cheap to replace. I have a couple of old wheels, I use and love them. But we all (or, many of us 😉) want more. That is where Kromski saves the day - beautiful modern spinning wheels, some easily confused with antique wheels, very functional with many options to add on, and reliable customer service! That is why I became a Kromski dealer.

I am happy to be your closest Kromski dealer and will do everything needed to make you happy if/when you decide to treat yourself to this beautiful spinning and weaving equipment and accessories!

Please visit my dealer page using the below link to see all items you would like to order.

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