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Colour Lab - Limited Edition

Hand Blended Fibre Nests

Commercially prepped fibre top, solid colour or multicoloured, hand blended with love for you into the 1 oz (approximately) soft wool nests.

All the roving nests are carefully weighted. If it is a bit more than an ounce,  it is same price as an ounce, yay!!  If it is a bit less than a full ounce, it is a buck or so less to make it fair for you. (please note: wool weight does depend on humidity)


If it is important to you to go eco-friendly and you want your nest(s) to be wrapped in a compostable/recyclable individual (or bulk if buying a few) package, just drop us a line in the order notes and we will pack them in paper bag(s). Otherwise all the nests will be packaged in small individual organza bags (thin fabric gift bags with drawstrings).


If you like your fibre roving to be in a form of a braid, just let us know, we will braid your fibre nest for you for your enjoyable spinning. Otherwise the form of the roving will be either a nest or a braid.


All our nests come from a smoke free, pet friendly environment.

Our pets don’t play with wool and never sleep/roll in it but there is a chance of occasional unintentional contact.


The most important wool working requirement - enjoyment!

If you want us to improve something for next time or help you to feel happier with your current purchase, do not hesitate to contact us!!

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Baby Orca

Bag of wool - 8 oz.png

Bag of wool

Bag of wool - 16 oz.png

Bag of wool (16oz/500g)

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