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Full Interchangeable Kit 3.5"

Full Interchangeable Kit 3.5"

SKU: 1777

Easier on your hands, more uniform stiches. Kollage Square™ Intergangeable needles are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands, decreasing stress and strain for those who love to knit. Kollage needles enable you to knit faster with more uniform stiches and are perfect for slippery yarns or if you knit tightly, and for knitters who have arthritis, carpa; tunnel or stiffness in their hands and fingers.

  • Includes:

    Interchangeable Combo Pack includes: soft cloth pouch with zippered pocket and the following:

    - 1 set of tips US 2/2.75 mm, US 3/3.25 mm, US 4/3.5 mm, US 5/3.75 mm, US 6/4.0 mm, US 7 /4.5 mm, US 8/5.0 mm, US 9/5.5 mm, US 10/6.0 mm, US 10.5/6.5 mm, US 11/8.0 mm.

    - 1 set of both Firm and Soft Cables 24" (61 cm), 32" (81 cm), 40" (101 cm).

    - 1 set of stoppers,

    - 1 interchangeable tool with features steel tool,

    - LED light removable magnifier.

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